Folding up your stairlift. 
Your Freelift seat, armrests and footrest can be folded to allow easier passage up and down stairs when it is not in use .




track_Power Hinge Track.
A hinge is an extended piece of track that folds away, at the bottom of the stairs,to allow full access to a doorway or open corridor. A hinge can either be manual or a powered. A powered hinge is lifted by an electric motor. The main advantage of the powered hinge is it can be operated from the top of the stairs.



Safety Edges.
Your stairlift is fitted with safety edges on the bottom of the footrest and on the lift itself that will stop the stairlift should any article become trapped by the footrest or the lift, going up and coming down.





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joystickOperating Joystick.
The Freelift stairlift is operated by simply pressing and holding the operating joystick in the direction you wish to travel (see pic). The stairlift will automatically stop when the switch is released or the stairlift has reached the end of its travel.



keyOn Off Switch.  As well as a key switch the stairlift is fitted with an on/off switch (see pic) on the bottom, side panel of the lift.If you intend to be away from home for a long period, and decide to switch off the mains supply, it is important that you also switch off the lift from this on/off switch. This will ensure that the lift batteries will remain charged while you are away.


swivelSeat Swivel. A swivel seat is provided to enable you to mount/dismount the seat more easily at the top of the stairs by swivelling you on to the landing.





SONY DSCRemotes. The hand control (see pic) is used to call the lift to either the top/bottom of the stairs or to operate a powered folding hinge where fitted. The control may also be used by an attendant control where the user is unable to operate the stairlift themselves.