Otolift Modul-Air Features and Benefits

After intensive research and extensive material tests, we have developed a rail that is prestigious: the thinnest single rail in the world is now exclusively available for the Otolift Modul-Air. The Otolift Modul-Air has become the customer’s favourite, thanks to its modern design and advanced technology.
The ground-breaking technology ensures you experience the proven comfort and certified safety. Furthermore, you can enjoy the amazingly subdued elegance. A single slim rail that is guided low alongside the stairs: everything fits harmoniously into your home environment.

The Otolift Modul-Air; influenced by modern design, not imposing, but respecting the environment in an elegant and modest way.
Taking a closer look at the Otolift Modul-Air incites amazement: the unique single rail appears delicate, but can still offer the flexibility and durability offered by other stairlifts on the market. Elegance and technology are a perfect combination within this system. The thinnest single rail in the world is brought to you exclusively by Otolift.
The Otolift Modul-Air satisfies, by means of exclusive elegance, an excellent level of comfort and important safety functions.

Intuitive and easy to use

The Otolift Modul-Air lends itself perfectly for installation along the steep, narrow side of your stairs. Possibly, allowing your hand rail to stay in place and leaving the wide side free to walk up the stairs. The thin Otolift rail, is unobtrusive, therefore making little impact to the space on your staircase.

Steep, narrow or spiral staircases, the Otolift Modul-Air easily conforms to the most challenging stairs and follows all curves in an inconspicuous way. In addition, the rail takes up little space, making it possible to still walk up the stairs properly. This way, it is safeguarded that family members or guests can use the stairs safely at
all times.