Bruno Elan & Elite Stair Lifts

The ideal stairlifts if you are looking for quality and durability. Installing a stairlift is going to help you retain access to the upstairs of your home. You will once again be able to enjoy the freedom that you had before the stairs became a challenge.

We offer two stairlifts for straight staircases and one which can travel around corners. The stairlifts can be fitted on either side of the stairs. The lift track is fixed to the steps of the stairs, not the wall. All models deliver a comfortable, smooth and quiet ride.

When you have chosen your Bruno stairlift, your stairlift  representative will measure your staircase, provide you with a price quote and order your stairlift when you are ready. The installation is quick; between one hour and half a day, depending on the complexity of your staircase. Bruno stairlift dealers are fully trained to install and service your stairlift, and you can with confidence turn to them with questions and concerns.

Superior comfort. The seat of the luxurious Elite-series is not only the most comfortable seat you will ever find on a stairlift.
It also features a manual swivel function at both the top and bottom landing. The seat height, space between the armrest and height of the footrest are adjustable to suit the individual user. For your comfort there is also a soft-start, soft-stop feature.

Superior capacity. One of the features that makes the Elite stairlift stand out among the competitors is its unique weight capacity of 190 kilos (30 stone). This stairlift is built to be the ultimate in durability and reliability.

Multitude of options. The Elite provides many options to choose from to ensure that your individual needs are met. The seat swivel can be manual or powered, as can a fold-up rail if one is required. The footrest is either folded manually, or raised by folding the seat base or pressing a button on the armrest. There is a choice of rocker- or toggle switch and there is even an extra large seat available.

Rail profile. The Homeadapt straight rail profile is the least intrusive in the market. Our philosophy is that the rail should have a modest impact on the home. The result is a unique and attractive design in anodized aluminium.
Charging along the rail With continous charge strips along the rail the stairlift can be parked anywhere to charge the batteries.